VISA Debit Card

Avoid ATM Surcharges

One of the hottest consumer issues in the United States today is ATM surcharging.

The Check Card is the newest addition to Jessop Community FCU ‘s lineup of services that will allow you to avoid ATM surcharging. The Jessop Check Card can be used for purchases at merchants worldwide that display the VISA logo and accept Visa debit cards– and that translates into more time and convenience for you.

  • Accepted for purchases anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted 
  • Present the Card and sign the receipt 
  • Not a credit card – all purchases reduce the balance in your Checking account 
  • Purchase up to a $1,000 a day as long as Checking account funds are available 
  • Reduces the need to write checks – many out-of-state merchants do not accept checks 
  • Reduces the need to visit an ATM 

By using the card in place of cash, you can "Beat the Charge" by reducing the number of your ATM withdrawals each month.

Take some of the bite out of surcharging.

Printable VISA Debit Card Application

Unfortunately, Jessop Community Federal Credit Union cannot be responsible for surcharges imposed by other financial institutions for the use of their ATMs. We urge you to be cautious and try to avoid using ATMs that charge a fee.